The First Spiritualist Temple
East Aurora, New York


We have lots of opportunities for folks who want to pitch in, either for a day or for a longer-term commitment. If you would like to join a committee, be sure to speak with any committee or board member. A list of committee members is posted in the dining hall.

Audit: Reviews accuracy of financial accounts prior to annual meeting and at several points throughout the year.

Building: In charge of grounds, building maintenance and repairs. This committee also oversees the church garden.

Bylaws: Reviews any necessary changes, drafts appropriate language.

Kitchen: Plans dinners, purchases groceries and related items. Helps out with brunch, points out what is needed.

Library: Catalogs and track loans of books, as well as manage the bookstore.

Music: Secures the organist and musical equipment; supervises music for all services.

Reception: Serves as ushers; greets members and visitors.

Technology and Social Media: Develops policies and implements the church media, including the website and Facebook page.

Ways & Means: Plans, coordinates and manages fund-raising events other than weekly drawings, most notable the annual Christmas Bazaar.

Historian: Leads efforts to maintain the church's historic archives and to share it with the church and community.

Sign Up for Brunch....
(Brunch and Dinner Days suspended until further notice). Always needed and greatly appreciated. We have a whiteboard for sign-ups, with space for each Sunday except the third Sunday of the month, Dinner Day. You shop for goodies--anything from bagels to something a little heartier. Then, on Sunday, you make coffee, set up the food, and give the financial table folks the receipts. If you need help with the coffee-maker, cleanup or anything else, just let us know! 

Please remember that those who serve the church in a public capacity are kindly asked to dress "business casual" or better--with exceptions as appropriate for heavy kitchen work.